Vintage Themed Wedding in Çubuklu 29

We designed a magnificent wedding with colorful flowers, vintage and glass objects. We decorated Çubuklu 29 with white callas for pureness and elegance, hydrangeas for joy of living and peonies for undying love.

Hande & Emre Çubuklu 29

For Our sweet couple Hande and Emre, we designed an unforgettable summer wedding with all shades of pink. We complemented the graceful pink flowers with massive silver vases.

Sena&Yiğit Wedding, Raffles Hotel Istanbul

We prepared a joyful wedding, decorated with candles and spring flowers in Raffles Hotel Istanbul. We virtually filled the Raffles Ball Room with various spring flowers. We put our signature to a different Raffles wedding with contemporary and youthful feeling objects, lacquer and mirror tables. We wish life-long happiness for Sena&Yiğit.

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Dilara & Tanalp Wedding

Ezgi & Evran Wedding, at Suada